EnBe2.0 Tailor-made Energy Consulting for Private Households

EnBe2.0 – Tailor-made Energy Consulting for Private Households

Energy consulting for private households can make a significant contribution to achieving energy efficiency targets. The extent to which these targets can be validated, however, depends to a large degree on the consideration of the individual demands of the consulted people and/or households. Not only do socioeconomic, environmental and structural factors like income, climate or living space have an impact on the effectiveness of energy consulting but also the consideration of people’s habits, needs, preferences, values, attitudes etc. Due to the fact that the common practice of energy consulting is insufficient in terms of taking into account household and end-use energy consumer related factors, energy savings gained through energy consulting for private households have, as a result, been unsatisfactory.

To achieve more energy savings with the help of energy consulting the R&D-project “EnBe2.0” was launched and has been carried out by an interdisciplinary consortium in Austria. The project’s core innovation, the EnBe2.0 toolbox, is based on the expertise of energy consultants and includes the perspectives of end-use energy consumers’ requirements as well as their attitudes, behaviour, household demands and other values. With the help of various analytical methods, a toolbox will be developed that assists energy consultants in their daily work and enables them to assist consumers by lowering their levels of energy consumption. Methods applied to gather the necessary data were a quantitative online survey and qualitative semi-structured interviews with end-use energy consumers. Data processing is conducted via statistical evaluation methods such as principal components analysis and hierarchical cluster analysis. The results from the project will be communicated in the form of roundtables that will serve as a guideline for the adequate tools that could be utilized in the energy industry. The EnBe2.0 project’s approach characterizes a bottom-up and participatory approach.


Further information is available in German or please contact: office@b-nk.at.
poster “EnBe2.0 Tailor-made Energy Consulting for Private Households – A Project Overview”
period: July 2014 – September 2016
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