Lecture: Gender Studies in Engineering

Lecture: Gender Studies in EngineeringGender Studies in Engineering

The lecture gives an overview about the categories “sex” and “gender” focussing on science and technology.

The lecture points out the following three perspectives:

  • Women in science and technology: structural and symbolic barriers for women in the field of science and technology, with provided answers and strategies
  • Science and technology of gender: analysis of the social, historical, political and cultural processes of doing gender in technological artefacts
  • Gender in science and technology: analysis of the critical role of gender in the exchange between science and society, in developing theories, methods, interpretation of results

In detail

  1. Introduction
  2. Gender theory: positions, definitions, and debates
  3. Feminist critique on science and technology: approaches, methods, and main questions
  4. Women in Science and Technology 1: contributions of women to science and technology historical point of view
  5. Women in Science and Technology 2: contributions of women to science and technology nowadays
  6. Technology and construction of masculinity: corporate culture, “the engineer”
  7. Gender and methods: common methods of mobility and travel surveys
  8. Gender and planning processes: mission statements, participation, practise
  9. Gender aspects in product development: consumption items, household appliance, and automotive industry
  10. Representation of SET (Science, Engineering and Technology)
  11. Gender politics and perspectives: Managing Gender and Diversity / Anti-discrimination
  12. Gender and sustainable development
  13. Gender perspectives and dimensions in SET (Science, Engineering and Technology)


Further information is available in German or please contact: office@b-nk.at.