B-NK specialises in applying a gender-oriented view to apparently gender-neutral fields such as urban, landscape and traffic planning, mobility research as well as other areas of technology and engineering. Through its methods of developing strategies of participation and gender perspectives into areas of environmental, technological and sustainability research as well as planning and communication processes, B-NK has proven experience and expertise.

When developing action-orientated results in the form of recommendations and guidelines, B-NK often applies participatory methods, such as stakeholder-dialogues, process-facilitations and interactive workshops.

Within its research projects, B-NK applies qualitative and quantitative methods, such as focus groups, expert interviews, and online surveys. B-NK often evaluates gathered data by means of analysis programmes (Atlas TI and SPSS 17.0) and is also familiar with planning and designing methods, such as analysing social space and community work participation in the context of urban and transport planning.

On the whole, the primary services of B-NK cover:

  • Gender sensitive stakeholder process development , action-orientated recommendation for implementation of gender equality and the development of gender sensitive quantitative and qualitative methods, gender and diversity trainings in the field of technology and engineering as well as environmental and sustainability
  • Technical and scientific steering of research projects: expertise, analysis, gender screening and evaluations in urban, regional and spatial planning, mobility and traffic planning, in the fields of engineering, environment and sustainability, in environmental education within school, after-school and informal educational settings.
  • Consulting, strategic counselling: development of concepts and projects, consulting and checking funding requests, media design, social media, gender mainstreaming, gender budgeting, managing diversity, gender in technology and technological development processes
  • Landscape planning and architecture: gender planning, social sustainability in planning and building practice, competition, preliminary drafts, drafts and building supervision, concepts, consulting, planning, realisation, innovative garden and open space design