Going my own way

Going my own way.

We carried out a case study, titled “The situation of independent women engineers in Austria”, that deals with the issue of independent work by women in the technical-engineering field. The survey commissioned by FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) approaches the situation of independent female engineers in Austria from various angles. This included questions on the engineers’ specific areas of activity, their everyday work, as well as their specific experiences in starting up businesses and motives for doing so.

The research questions underlying this study include:

  • How many independent female engineers are there in Austria?
  • What is the living and working situation of independent female engineers in Austria?
  • In what areas do independent women engineers work in Austria?
  • How do independent female engineers experience their professional situation?
  • What motives did they have for starting up their own corporations?


Further information is available in German or please contact: office@b-nk.at.
period: 2006 – 2007
Wirtschaftsimpulse für Frauen in Forschung und Technologie (w-fFORTE)