Teaching materials for agricultural and forestry schools (federal, vocational schools and colleges)

The teaching staff of agricultural and forestry schools must fulfil an integrated educational task. In their future professional environment pupils of these schools are going to be in contact with various material cycles which produce waste. Hence, it is very important to draw the pupils´ attention to waste problems and the causes and to impart strategies to prevent waste already in school.

In order to support the integrated educational task teaching materials for agricultural and forestry schools are developed within the present project “NoWaste@AgrarianSchool”. Teachers can use the didactic teaching materials quickly, easily and without additional work because they include wide‑ranging background knowledge, exciting AHA-facts, proposals how to immerse the topic and tips. The teaching materials impart different topics concerning waste prevention and strategies to reflect and adapt the pupils´ conduct in their future working environment.

Within tests in three pilot schools the teachers´ and pupils´ feedback is gained and used to finalise the teaching materials in the further process. Consequently, the materials match the requirements of agricultural and forestry schools.

Further information is available in German or please contact:
period: June 2017 – November 2018
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Ing. Erwin Bernsteiner – Büro für Umweltfragen
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